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We are a professional service company offering a variety of registry services in the yachting industry to our clients worldwide.

Please click on the the links above to review our list of services whether you require information on our domestic or foreign services. 

Or contact us with as much lead time prior to the closing as possible. We will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

NEWS:  Florida recently (7/1/10 )implemented  an $18,000.00 sales tax cap on vessel purchases.  Call us to find out what that means to you!

Lighting The Way to Yacht Documentation

The required documentation and licensing of recreational vessels can be a complex and time consuming task for boat owners. Since 1981, Jan Saxton has established a reputation for providing a full-range of professional yacht documentation and consultation services. The firmís prompt and courteous service has enabled numerous yacht owners to take advantage of all possible registration avenues. Jan Saxtonís extensive knowledge of the industry helps to facilitate the documentation process. Her clients also benefit from Saxtonís almost 30 years of experience on the South Florida marine industry.


What Is Yacht Documentation?

Documentation is a federal registration of vessels five net tons and over (approx. 28í and up) with the U.S. Coast Guard, and is generally a requirement of banks and financial companies who may be financing a portion of the purchase price.

The documentation procedure here in the United States is patterned after the British system of registering yachts, with the primary purpose being the establishment of an internationally recognized maritime title for the yacht. The Certificate of Documentation acts as the vesselís passport in foreign waters as well as an authorization for the vesselís use in general or specific trades. Additionally, vessel documentation establishes an official basis for vessel identification and control.

Due to the fact that documentation allows the recordation of preferred mortgages on the Abstract of Title of Vessels, banks and finance companies are assured of a federally recorded lien. Documentation also provides protection against fraudulent transfer of the yacht.


List of Services

Claims of Lien
Corporations - Foreign & Domestic
Documentation - U.S. Coast Guard
Foreign Registry
Abstract of Title
Preferred Mortgages
State Titling and/or Registration




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